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About Cascia Hall

Preparation for College and for Life - Grades 6 - 12
One hundred percent of Cascia Hall graduates matriculate to a college or university, a testament to their passion, and ours, for excellence. We believe the source of this passion is a liberal arts curriculum that strives to educate and shape the whole person. Its end result is a young adult who understands the importance of both individual achievement and community service.

A Catholic Augustinian School
Our philsophy and values are informed and sustained by Catholic tradition, yet half or more of our students come from other religious backgrounds. What draws them to us is an academic approach modeled on the teachings of St. Augustine, who emphasized comprehensive preparation for a lifetime of learning and truth-seeking.

Faith, Focus and Fun
Our student community engages in a wide range of activities — academic clubs, service trips, social occasions, sporting events and more — that provide opportunites for extracurricular experiences. The benefits are evident in the championships, honors, acknowledgements, and accomplishments of each class.

Benefitting the Tulsa Community
Though many of our graduates earn admission and scholarships to prestigious universities far from home, many ultimately return to Oklahoma. Here, their energy and achievements not only benefit themselves, but they also enrich communities across the state ... and reflect the timeless values and life skills acquired during their years at Cascia Hall.

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