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In the hit cult film, “Mean Girls,” the Burn Book was all the rage. Now, it’s a cell phone app that’s going viral in schools across the nation. Critics Say the "Burnbook" App Exposes Children to Cyberbullying. CLICK HERE to read the article from ABC News.

Seven Dangerous Apps That  Parents Need to Know About

"Parents, beware of bullying on sites you've never seen," by Kelly Wallace, CNN http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/10/living/parents-new-apps-bullying/

Can Someone be an Unintentional Bully? Defining bullying is a tricky thing. And technology just adds another complicated layer to the whole situation. I mean, we know it when we see it, and at the extreme end it’s easy to identify: the repeated threats, multiple humiliating posts, and numerous hurtful texts most likely qualify. But what about that mildly inappropriate joke directed at no one in particular? Or the post that reads “I’m going to kill you. jk. LOL.”? Everyone seems to have a slightly different perspective when it comes to whether or not to categorize a particular experience as bullying.  Read More:  http://cyberbullying.us/unintentional_bully/

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