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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Giving to Cascia Hall

1.  What is the Annual Fund?
The Annual Fund is made up of annual gifts from current parents, alumni, parents of alumni, Board members, grandparents, faculty/staff, and friends of Cascia Hall.  These unrestricted funds are part of the anticipated revenue for Cascia’s 2015-16 operating budget. We especially encourage donors to support the priorities and budgeted needs established by the Board of Directors. However, within these guidelines, donors may direct gifts toward these major categories of the operating budget:

  • Area of greatest need
  • Arts
  • Facility and Campus
  • Financial Aid
  • Athletics
  • Technology
  • Academics
  • Faculty salaries and enrichment programs

Traditionally, strong institutions have strong annual funds.  An annual gift to Cascia Hall is a tangible vote of confidence in the Catholic, Augustinian education our students receive.

2.  Why is the Annual Fund necessary? 

  • Tuition covers about 81% of the cost of a Cascia education.  For every $1 needed to run the school, 81 cents comes from tuition.  Your gift to the Annual Fund helps bridge the gap between tuition and operating costs.
  • Cascia’s Board of Directors is committed to keeping tuition at a reasonable level; increasing gift income through the Annual Fund is one way to accomplish this task.

3.  Why doesn't the school charge enough to cover operating costs?
If tuition were increased to cover the actual cost of all programs, many families could not afford to send their children to Cascia.  This could mean a drop in our enrollment, resulting in a cut-back of our programs and steeper tuition increases in order to fund all operations, all of which would affect your child’s education.

4.  Why do you ask current parents for contributions in addition to whay they pay in school in tuition?
The cost of a Cascia education is such that tuition does not cover the total cost of educating each student. As is the case with many other schools, our development efforts are designed to solicit charitable gifts in order to bridge the gap between income and the actual cost of operating the school, ensuring Cascia students have the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

5.  What are the 2015-16 Annual Fund Goals?
Overall Current Parent Participation Goal:  100%
Dollar Goal: $370,000

6.  When can I expect to be asked for a contribution to the Annual Fund?
In October and April, you will receive electronic messages and printed materials explaining the importance of the Annual Fund.  We hope that you will make your contribution at that time.  About a month later, committed volunteer parents on the Annual Fund Leadership Team will contact you to answer any questions you may have and to encourage your participation in the Annual Fund campaign. Giving opportunities are available through the mail, online, by telephone, and in person. 

7.  Why are charitable gifts to Cascia so important?

  • The obvious reason is to provide the financial resources that will enable our students to continue their education in the Augustinian tradition of truth, unity, and love. 
  • Another reason is to demonstrate the commitment made by members of the Cascia community to our school.  A high percentage of participation increases the likelihood of securing foundation grants and corporate funding.  We strive for the highest levels of participation from all of our constituents.  For example, this is the twelfth consecutive year that every teacher, administrator, dining hall and maintenance team member has supported the Annual Fund.

8.  Which should I support:  the Annual Fund, the school's growing endowment, or specific projects?
We ask that the Annual Fund campaign be your first giving priority.  Since gifts to the Annual Fund cover the current year’s operating expenses, they have an immediate impact on a number of our school’s critical areas and benefit every child, every day in the year they are given.  

9.  What about my company's matching gift program? Does Cascia help with that?
Certainly!  While we ask that you contact your company’s personnel office and supply the necessary form, we will be happy to handle all the details of processing. This is an easy and wonderful way for you to leverage your gift since Cascia recognizes company-matching funds as part of your total gift.  If you make a $250 personal gift and receive one-to-one matching gift funds, our records will reflect a $500 total gift. 

10.  When is Cascia's fiscal year?
Our fiscal year begins July 1 and ends on June 30.  However, gifts made before December 31 are especially helpful in allowing us to plan the year’s programs with confidence.  All gifts made to the Annual Fund are used within the fiscal year they are given.

11.  Is my gift tax deductible?
Cascia Hall School is a section 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization listed in the Official Catholic Directory, therefore your gift is tax deductible to the full extent as determined by IRS regulations.  A letter will be provided acknowledging your gift, and this letter will be your receipt for tax purposes.

12.  What is the Caritas Circle?
The Caritas Circle recognition group was introduced in 2007-08, in order to encourage gifts of $2,500 or more for the Annual Fund and/or The Cascia Hall Foundation (endowment), and/or special projects for the School.  Anyone who gives this amount automatically becomes a member of the Caritas Circle.  Caritas Circle donors will be listed as a group in the Cascia Hall Annual Report, and they will be invited to an appreciation event.  

Your generosity is one of our greatest blessings. Gifts of any amount are deeply appreciated and truly make an immediate difference for our Cascia students.