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Application for Admission (Procedures)

Entrance Exam

Entrance exams are offered on two Saturdays in November. Other exam dates are available on various Tuesday mornings at 7:30 am each month (December - May). Here is a link to schedule an entrance exam. Many students testing on a Tuesday morning will spend the rest of the day shadowing. The calendar of available dates for shadowing is online under Admissions/Shadow Days.


There are two ways to apply.

  1. The online application is paperless, except for one form (Request for Records) that can be printed and submitted to the student's current school.
  2. Application forms are also available on our website or from the Office of Admissions.


Applicants will be contacted for an information interview once all the required application forms are received by the school. The interview will be conducted by a school principal with the student and at least one parent. This is a good time for the principal to get to know the applicants and families and an opportunity for them to meet the principal and ask questions.

Decision Letters

A decision letter will be mailed after the interview has been completed.  Possible decisions include: Accepted, Conditionally Accepted, Wait Listed, or Denied. Contracts will be included with all letters of Acceptance. A signed contract with deposit of $550 is required to hold a spot for your student. The first tuition payment is due on July 15. Payment plans are available. Follow this link for more information.

Spend-A-Day Option

Available September 30 - May 15
Students interested in attending Cascia Hall are invited to participate in our shadowing program; visitors attend a full day of classes and participate in all facets of the school day.  This visit is not required but is strongly encouraged and can be scheduled at any time during the exploration/application process. Schedule online.

Deadlines and Timetable

Early Admission - Take the November entrance exam and complete your application by December 1. All interviews will be conducted before Christmas Break. Decision letters will be mailed after Christmas Break.

Regular Admission - Decision letters will be mailed once a student has taken the test and completed an application and interview.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid applications are due by March 15 of each year.  Follow this link for more information.