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Shadow Days
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Sign Up For A Shadow Day

We invite your student to spend a half day or entire school day at Cascia Hall. There is no better way to see if Cascia Hall is the right fit for your student. See the daily schedules in "What to Expect on a Shadow Day" at the left.

Your student will follow a Cascia Hall student, attending classes and club meetings and enjoying lunch in the Dining Hall. Your student will be introduced to administrators, faculty, and students throughout the day.  

Prospective students may visit on any available Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday between September 30 and May 15.  See calendar below for available dates and sign up form.

We look forward to your visit!

Please Note:  When completing this form, the "Cancel" button will take you to the previous page for editing or reviewing without discarding your information.

Date Requested

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Please select an available date. Due to the school's schedule, not all days are available as Shadow Days. We try to keep this calendar up-to-date and will do our best to accommodate your request, but we may need to contact you with alternate dates in the event the schedule changes.

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Student Information

Student Name:
Current Grade:
Host Requested:
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About Your Student: Please tell us about your student’s interests, activities, and personality to help with selecting the right host, visiting the classes he/she is most interested in, and being introduced to the faculty, club sponsors, and coaches he/she wants to meet.


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