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Gifts of Securities

Procedure for Transfer of Stock and Securities

  • Ask your broker/financial representative to make an electronic transfer to the Cascia Hall account at UBS Financial Services. The transfer should be done via DTC 0221, to the Cascia Hall general account number

  • Ask your representative to notify the Cascia Hall representative, George Miller at UBS Financial Services about this transfer. He will track it and notify us after it is registered in the Cascia account. The address is: UBS Financial Services, 2431 E. 61st Street, Tulsa, OK, 74136. The phone number is 918.712.3159, and the fax number is 918.712.3195.

  • Notify the Cascia Hall Office of School Advancement.  Let us know the purpose or designation intended for your gift. We will confirm the transfer and acknowledge your donation with a gift receipt for tax purposes. It is our policy to set the donation amount as the average of the high and low prices on the day the stock is received in our account.  The Office of School Advancement phone number is 918.746.2614, the fax number is 918.746.2634, and the email address is give@casciahall.org.