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New Endowment Funds

Donors who make gifts of $100,000 or more can create named endowment funds to benefit specific purposes or programs for Cascia Hall. Gifts at this level will significantly impact the School, and we encourage donors of these gifts to work with Foundation representatives regarding the purposes and names of new funds. These funds may be established with immediate donations, with irrevocable estate gifts, or a combination of these. Gifts at this level and higher will be tracked separately within the Foundation. The earnings on these investments will be awarded annually for the purposes designated when the funds are established.

The Cascia Hall Foundation directors and School leaders can make suggestions of programs and other purposes that would benefit from new endowment funds. Some of those programs are described on the following list:

  • Financial Aid - Cascia Hall awards financial aid to students based on family financial need and other qualifications specified by the donor. Cascia Hall's philosophy regarding financial aid is that a student and family should pay part of the total cost of a Cascia Hall education.  The School's Financial Aid Committee matches each student's qualifications to the criteria set by the financial aid donor.
  • Academic Departments - The School's academic departments include the faculty and programs in both the Middle and Upper Schools for the following subject areas: world Languages, Humanities, Letters, Mathematics, Sciences, and Theology. Each of these areas includes several courses/subjects and a group of faculty. Endowment of a department would provide support for the faculty salaries and operating budgets, or it could be designated for enhancement of a department and its programs.
  • Faculty Chairs or Department Chairs - One of the School's priorities is to recruit and retain outstanding faculty, and the salaries for faculty and staff make up the largest portion of the School's operating budget. An endowed chair could provide the majority or all of the annual salary for a department chairman or faculty position. The departments of Cascia Hall are World Languages, Humanities, Letters, Mathematics, Sciences, and Theology, and faculty positions are assigned by course of study.
  • Arts Programs - Cascia Hall's programs in Art and Drama would benefit from endowment funds to supplement the budgets for faculty, program costs, or the costs associated with entry fees and travel costs for competitions. The Fogarty Music Endowment Fund is in place for the music program, but additional donations would be welcomed for that program.
  • Athletics - Endowment funds are needed to help maintain the operation of athletic programs, coaching, or administrative positions.
  • Campus Ministry - Cascia Hall offers religious retreats, mission trips, and the Kairos retreat program to our students, and an endowment fund would ensure these programs remain an integral part of our education.
  • Campus Maintenance and Utilities, or Beautification - Endowment funds for the School's ongoing maintenance or replacement of physical plant equipment, and funds to endow the landscaping would ensure that the School remains efficiently operated, and one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.
  • Other Purposes - We encourage your ideas about endowing particular activities and programs that are not suggested on this list. However, we ask that you consult with us about ideas for funding to be sure they meet the needs and priorities of the School, and so we can fulfill your expectations.