Mentors Welcome Freshman Class

Several years ago, Cascia Hall started a program to aid freshmen in making the transition from middle school to high school.
As a part of this program, the incoming freshman class was split up into groups of about six students, and each group was assigned a mentoring team comprised of a junior and a senior. Because the mentors have a couple of years of high school under their belts, they are able to provide helpful and insightful advice to answer any of their freshmen’s questions.
“Being a mentor was such a fun way to welcome the freshmen into high school," commented a mentor. "I loved getting to know them during the activities before school started and throughout the year. In my experience with the program, I developed great friendships that were not limited to the campus."
“Having a mentor has really made transitioning into high school very welcoming. I know I will always have someone to talk to for advice,” commented a new student.