Mission & Philosophy

Our Identity:

Cascia Hall is a Catholic, Augustinian, college-preparatory school serving the spiritual, intellectual, personal, social, and physical development of young people from the Tulsa area in grades six through twelve.

Our Mission:

Flowing from this identity, Cascia Hall strives…
  • to live and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ while welcoming students of all faiths and to journey together toward Truth in accord with the Catholic tradition and the teachings of St. Augustine, as interpreted by the Order of St. Augustine through the centuries,
  • to develop the individual within a community of diverse backgrounds and experiences, leading to Unity with one another and, ultimately, with God, and
  • to instill a love of learning, of each other, and of God that expresses itself in servant leadership to the Church and the world.

Our Vision:

As we approach our 100th anniversary, Cascia Hall will focus on helping its students...
  • to integrate faith and values more fully into their lives as they move toward college and beyond,
  • to think critically, creatively, and collaboratively and to develop increasing abstraction and application in their learning,
  • to appreciate and contribute to an increasingly diverse society, and
  • to use new technologies responsibly and creatively to enhance their lives and communities.

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  • Philosophy

    The goals of Cascia Hall are to assist students in:

    • Realizing that union with God is the ultimate reason for being
    • Accepting God as the ultimate goal for all love and the ultimate ground of truth      
    • Organizing a Catholic Christian value system for further development in adult life
    • Forming and experiencing Christian community
    • Learning to think critically
    • Developing the ability to move from sense data to abstraction
    • Mastering the knowledge and skills necessary to perform well at the university level
    • Developing skills for lifelong learning
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