Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission:

  • To strive to live and teach the Gospel of Jesus while welcoming students of all faiths, and in accord with Catholic tradition to serve families of diverse socioeconomic strata.
  • To meet the needs of pre-adolescent and adolescent students in a Christian community shaped according to the philosophical/theological principles and teaching of St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 A.D.), as these have been transmitted and interpreted by the Augustinian Order through the centuries.
  • To focus on the individual in community, thus aiding each student in intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth, referenced ultimately to union with God.

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  • Philosophy

    The goals of Cascia Hall are to assist students in:

    • Realizing that union with God is the ultimate reason for being
    • Accepting God as the ultimate goal for all love and the ultimate ground of truth      
    • Organizing a Catholic Christian value system for further development in adult life
    • Forming and experiencing Christian community
    • Learning to think critically
    • Developing the ability to move from sense data to abstraction
    • Mastering the knowledge and skills necessary to perform well at the university level
    • Developing skills for lifelong learning
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