Athletic Philosophy

  • The athletic program at Cascia Hall is an integral part of the school's total education program, and as such shares in the Augustinian values proclaimed in the school's philosophy
  • Essential to these Augustinian values is a proper understanding of the motto gracing the school's seal: Truth, Unity, Charity.
  • Truth in athletics in particular calls for honesty with oneself and others on and off the playing field. Even in competition, our athletes should be very much aware of their dignity as children of God.
  • Unity lends itself to the formation of community, where teamwork is emphasized and yet the needs of the individual are properly respected within the parameters of that community.
  • Charity, or Love, is the foundation for all our planning and activity. It leads to greater self-respect and tolerance for others and teaches us to look beyond present circumstances to a deeper understanding of the presence of God in all we do. Truth and Unity are nurtured and enhanced by a strong bond of caring fellowship among our athletes.
  • The school's goal is the development of the student athlete's physical, spiritual, psychological, and social well being based on the fundamental values of St. Augustine. The athletic program at Cascia Hall also strives to instill the desire and discipline to compete, along with the organizational skills needed to maintain academic success as well as athletic involvement.
  • The level of participation for each student is arranged according to the student's appropriate grade and ability. The high school varsity program emphasizes successful competition based on a solid foundation of commitment. The purpose of the junior varsity, freshman, and middle school programs is to teach commitment and develop other skills of the individual athlete.
  • The mission of the athletic department, regardless of the level, is the development of perseverance, sportsmanship, endurance, strength, coordination, self-confidence, and teamwork, as well as creating a winning attitude and an appreciation of recreational habits that will last a lifetime.