transcript is a complete copy of the student's Cascia Hall academic record. 
Official transcripts bear the signature of the Registrar and the raised school seal and will be mailed, emailed or uploaded to an admissions office at another school, college or university or for a scholarship application. The only exceptions would be: a) if a student is required to hand deliver an official transcript in a signed and sealed envelope with registration for concurrent enrollment at TCC or another local university, and b) if a student is required to hand deliver documents to local Congressional Offices when applying for a nomination to a military service academy. 
Unofficial transcripts mailed or given directly to the student are not signed by the Registrar and will not have the raised school seal, and the words UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT ISSUED TO STUDENT will be on the transcript
Requests must be in writing (emailed or mailed) to the Registrar and must be made by the former student or a Cascia Hall graduate if they are 18 years of age or older. Address, email and/or upload information must be included on the written request. Transcripts will be released if the student is in good standing with our Business Office. 

Please contact the school Registrar to request a transcript:

Middle School - Pat Lochrie, 918-746-2616
Upper School - Carla Fox, 918-746-2602