Tuition Assistance

Affording Cascia Hall

Cascia Hall Preparatory School offered over $1.3M dollars in need-based financial aid through the use of school funds, donations from our Tulsa community and scholarship granting organizations in the state. The average gift for the 2024-25 school year was $9,291. Our tuition assistance program is based on financial need only; the school does not offer scholarships based on other criteria such as academic, athletic, or any other standard. 

Families may begin applying for tuition assistance through a third party, FACTS, who helps assess the level of need and a family's ability to pay tuition. 

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  • FACTS Management Online Application

    Cascia Hall Preparatory School uses the services of FACTS Management Grant and Aid Application which is only available online here. No other forms are required by Cascia Hall.  For verification purposes FACTS will require income tax returns which must be submitted in PDF format with your online application. Incomplete applications will be evaluated but award letters will not be finalized until the application is fully verified by FACTS. 
  • Process of Applying for Tuition Assistance

    Applications are considered complete when the supporting tax return(s) and fee are received and verified through FACTS. Cascia Hall will mail tuition assistance award letters as applications are completed starting in mid-April.  Requests for assistance received after March 15 will be considered if funds are still available. 

  • Annual Renewal

    Tuition assistance is not automatically renewed each academic year. You are required to submit a new financial aid application each year by March 15.
  • Who to Contact with Questions

    All application questions should be directed to FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Customer Service.  A FACTS customer care representative can be reached at 1-866-315-9262.  

    Any inquiries to Cascia Hall should be addressed to Mr. Shawn Loader, CFO,, or 918-746-2606.

Financial Aid Statistics 2023-24

Number of students receiving need-based financial aid

Percent of School receiving financial aid

Total amount awarded

Average award per student (need-based)



List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What If Parents Are Divorced or Separated?

    If parents are divorced or separated, the parent who is responsible under the divorce decree to pay the tuition should file for financial aid. Child or tuition support received or paid should be reported on the application. If both parents are responsible to pay tuition, both parents should file.
  • Q. Are the Financial Aid Records Confidential?

    All financial aid records are confidential.
  • Q. Are There Payment Plans Available?

    Tuition may be paid in: one payment on July 15; two payments equally on July 15 and December 15 with a $100 carrying charge; or in 10 equal payments beginning July 15 with a $250 carrying charge.

FACTS Resources

Resources and links that provide assistance in navigating the financial aid application system (FACTS):
Cascia Hall is fortunate to have two scholarship granting organizations that give taxpayers in Oklahoma the ability to reallocate a portion of their state income taxes to help families attend Catholic schools in Eastern Oklahoma. For more information, please visit the websites below.