Diversity and Inclusion

We at Cascia Hall Preparatory School believe in and seek to promote a Gospel of justice and peace for all people, a Gospel which proclaims the innate dignity of every human being. The tragic murder of George Floyd in Minnesota is just one in a series of events that have raised the visibility of the systemic wound of racism and inequality that exists in our society. The acts of violence over the last few days jeopardize our collective well-being. What is more dangerous for all of us is to ignore the bias, implicit or explicit, that still remains. As an educational institution, we recognize that, while the divisions which exist in our country exist also in our own community, we have a unique role in striving to be better and to point the way toward systemic change and healing.
 The Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to critical self-reflection, to repentance, and to greater love and empathy. We strive to preach and teach this message every day. We are making greater efforts in this area and recognize that we still have far to go. We at Cascia will always stand opposed to racial disparity and the attitudes which feed it.