Fine and Performing Arts

Apply your passion...

From great music to live theatre, there's something for everyone at Cascia Hall. We believe the arts are more than paint on a canvas, pixels on a screen, notes in the air, or chords in the hand – our students experience a journey of creative discovery through personal programs allowing them to explore their undiscovered talents.
We believe that students who create music and visual art grow immeasurably. The lessons they learn have an impact on day-to-day accomplishments and can extend to society at large. Cascia Hall possesses a top-tier curriculum in visual and performing arts. Our rich and varied programs provide many opportunities for students to express themselves creatively. From our top choral group, Command Performance, to our exquisite visual artists, students are consistently honored on local, regional, and national levels for their talent. Cascia Hall is a place for young people, despite experience level, to explore drawing, painting, singing, or acting.