Middle School

List of 3 items.

  • 6th Grade

    • Earth Science
    • Math 6 or Pre-Algebra
    • English
    • World Geography Western Hemisphere
    • The Church and the Sacraments
    • World Language and Cultural Studies
    • Elective rotation: Art, Music, Physical Education
  • 7th Grade

    • Life Science
    • Pre-Algebra, Principles of Mathematics, Algebra I for HSC (teacher recommendation)
    • English
    • World Geography Eastern Hemisphere
    • Foundations of Christian Faith
    • World Language for HSC: Chinese I, French I, German I, Latin I, or Spanish I
    • Elective rotation:  Speech, Art, Physical Education
  • 8th Grade

    • Physical Science or Advanced Physical Science for HSC (teacher recommendation)
    • Pre-Algebra, Algebra I for HSC (teacher recommendation), Geometry for HSC (teacher recommendation) (HSC: High School)
    • English
    • U.S. History and Government I
    • Introduction to Christian Living
    • World Language for HSC: Latin IB, and Spanish IB will be offered the 2014-15 academic year only for 8th grade students who completed IA in 7th grade; Chinese II, French II; German II
    • Elective rotation: Art, Chorus, PE (MWF/TR rotation)

Upper School

The traditional Cascia Hall program is college preparatory and seeks to educate the whole person; therefore, the requirements go beyond the scope of state and national guidelines. Within the scope of this goal, there are different courses whose successful completion prepares the student for entrance into college and/or personal growth. A student must be enrolled in a minimum of six courses each semester which will include English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Theology.

The student must achieve an average of “C” for four years of high school in order to obtain the school’s recommendation for college.  A student must successfully complete 28.75 credits during high school, 5.0 of which must be earned during senior year, in order to be granted a diploma.  Note: 0.5 credit = 1 semester of passing work.

Students must have approval from the Principal to enroll in more than three AP classes per semester.

All seniors must have taken one standardized achievement test (ACT or SAT) and have the results sent to Cascia Hall before the end of the first semester of their senior year.
On-line class credits are not accepted for any course requirements at Cascia Hall without approval by the Principal.

Athletic and other activities at Cascia Hall follow the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association (OSSAA) rules for eligibility.
Students have the option of doubling up in a core class for that particular year. Students choosing to do so will substitute their additional core class for their elective.

Grading Scale

A         =          90 - 100%
B         =          80 - 89%
C         =          70 - 79%
D         =          60 - 69%
F          =          0 - 59%

Grades are computed on a 4.0 scale with AP courses (Upper School) weighted one point. A student's average GPA reflects only grades earned at Cascia Hall.  Cascia Hall does not rank.

Required Courses for Graduation

  • English - 4.0
  • Math - 4.0
  • Science - 4.0
  • Social Studies - 4.0
    •      U.S. History and Government - 1.5
    •      Oklahoma History - 0.5
    •      World or European History - .5 or 1.0
    •      Other - 1.0 or 1.5
  • World Languages (same) - 2.0
  • Theology - 4.0
  • Fine Arts - 1.0
  • Career Exploration - 0.5*
  • College Application Seminar (pass/fail) - 0.25 (offered during Minimester)
  • Other/Electives - 5.5
*Offered during Minimester. One 0.25 credit project must be completed in both the junior and senior years. These options are Christian service, career exploration, and one school-sponsored international trip in either the junior or senior year.