Within and Beyond the Classroom Learning

Unique to Cascia Hall is an interim term in January called “Minimester.”  This program has been successfully implemented in the Upper School for many decades.  Minimester offers the students an opportunity to explore various avenues of learning within and beyond the classroom.  As part of the Augustinian mission of educating the whole person, the Minimester experience extends learning beyond the classroom for upperclassmen to gain experiences in their role as members of the business world and concerned, compassionate global citizens.


Freshmen and sophomores undertake a varied course of study that includes continued study in the core areas, exploring various electives, and opportunities for Christian service, field trips, and retreats. There are a number of electives from which to choose to complete the 7-period class schedule. Electives change each year and may include such classes as Driver’s Ed, Robotics, Ceramics, Photography, Stage Craft, SAT Prep, Star Wars, Intro to Broadway, US History Films, Board Games, Keyboarding, etc.

Minimester is a special time a Cascia Hall for the students who enjoy the various opportunities it provides  and, perhaps, a more relaxed schedule.


The Minimester program gives juniors and seniors the opportunity to examine various professional careers while working with leaders in the community, perform Christian service by volunteering for local agencies which serve the poor, or take part in an international study tour.  Advanced Placement and other core classes continue to meet four days per week during Minimester, and all juniors take a college exploration seminar.

Upperclassmen may also choose Christian Service.  Through the Minimester Caritas Project, students will spend at least six hours per day either at their place of service or in combination with on-campus classwork.

If upperclassmen choose career exploration, they will spend four weeks in a place of business of interest to them; an on-site mentor/supervisor directs and evaluates their work according to a prearranged agreement between the business, student, and school.   With the support of the Tulsa community, students are entrusted with responsibility and given an opportunity to see the inner workings of the organization and participate in the process of achievement.

Upperclassmen may also choose international study, spending 10-14 days in one or more foreign countries while accompanied by Cascia Hall faculty and led by expert tour managers and local guides.  Expanding the walls of the traditional classroom, these tours give students an appreciation for other cultures and a new perspective on history.  International travel increases students’ global awareness, helping them to become more knowledgeable and engaged citizens of the world.

When not traveling, students will continue their required courses and may choose to augment their Minimester with a shortened Career Exploration or Christian Service.