Rita Rambler

We're excited to share with you our podcast, the Rita Rambler, by Cascia Hall Admissions.

The Rita Rambler is our way of giving you a peek behind the scenes of Cascia. It allows us to keep our community up to date on the happenings at Cascia, and any potential new students and parents a little dose of what we are all about. 

St. Rita of Cascia was born in 1381. She became an Augustinian nun later in life and is the Patroness of Impossible Causes. St. Rita Chapel here at Cascia Hall was dedicated on the feast of St. Rita of Cascia, May 22, 1958.

On each episode, we will be interviewing students, faculty, staff, alumni and more! Follow the show to hear a glimpse of their experiences both in the classroom and within our community. 

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Ep. 19 Pt. 3 Day in the Life of Jackson McCormick

Ever wondered what a school day looks like for a Cascia Hall student? Tune in to this weeks episode to hear about the 12th Grade experience from Jackson McCormick. As a baseball standout, ensemble singer, and recent recipient of the First place award at the Oklahoma ESU Shakespeare Festival, Jackson isn't afraid of the spotlight and his appearance on the podcast is no exception!

Ep. 19 Pt. 2 Day in the Life of Ella Pettyjohn

Ever wondered what a school day looks like for a Cascia Hall student? Tune in to this weeks episode to hear about the 9th Grade experience from Ella Pettyjohn. As a Commando Cheerleader, French club member, and recent Scripps National Spelling Bee Competitor, Ella's experience is quite I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G.

Ep. 19 Pt. 1 Day in the Life of Hayden Ferguson

Ever wondered what a school day looks like for a Cascia Hall student? Tune in to this weeks episode to hear about the 8th Grade experience from Hayden Ferguson. As an entrepreneur, academic bowl star, and tennis team member, Hayden has a unique student experience you won't want to miss out on!

Ep. 18 Cascia Hall Lacrosse

Lace up the cleats, grab your stick, and join on us on the field as we talk to senior Lacrosse teammates Cameron Clark and Shep Miers. These lax bros walk us through all things lacrosse, the evolving nature of the sport in Oklahoma and what makes the Cascia team so unique. As the new sport on the block, you won't want to miss your opportunity to be on the frontlines with these gamebreaking Cascia athletes!

Ep. 17 It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The Holiday season is here and that means the Cascia Hall Christmas Walk and Christmas Tree Lot are just around the corner! Get in the holiday spirit with us as we talk with Christmas Walk Co-Chairs Becky Stanford and Joy Hulver. Secrets are revealed about Santa's village at the Christmas Tree Lot and the history of the Christmas Walk is discussed. This festive episode is one you certainly don't want to miss.

Ep. 16 The Student Link

Being a Freshman in High school can be tough, but not with Cascia's Link Crew Leaders around! Join Seniors Ruby Welsh and Lauren Ferrari as they tell us all about the Link Crew program at Cascia Hall. These outstanding ladies explain how this program enables upperclassmen to guide the incoming freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to high school and help facilitate freshman success for Cascia students.

Ep. 15 - A Novel Idea

"Get your nose out of that book!"... something you'll never hear from English department chair Catherine Sims! It's time to turn off the TV and dive into this English episode of the Rita Rambler. Senior Trenton Tabler joins Mrs. Sims to discuss the Literary Magazine, the CH Yearbook, and how Cascia is focused on educating the whole person.

Ep. 14 - Graduation 2022

Toss those caps and turn up the volume, it's time to celebrate the class of 2022! Join hosts Rhonda Shiflet and Makala Welsh, as well as special guest alumnus, Jeffrey Metcalf, '07 as they talk about Cascia's graduation traditions and hear from some of the seniors on their graduation night.

Ep. 13 - Put Me In Coach (Mayberry)!

Episode 13 is a SLAM DUNK! We hit the court with new Boy's Basketball Coach and Dean of Students, Lee Mayberry. Coach Mayberry shares his experiences during his time in the NBA and as a scout for the Golden State Warriors and then highlights his goals for Cascia Hall regarding the Boy's Basketball team and for the school as the new Dean of Students. You don't want to miss this buzzer beater of an episode!

Ep. 12 Everyone Can Go Pro

Boot up your favorite streaming platform, program your listening device, and get ready for the future because on this episode we're talking about all things Cascia Hall Robotics. Seniors Hailey Polson and Isaac Ingram transfer data to us regarding the robotics program at Cascia Hall and their endeavors in local and national competition! 

Ep. 11 - Here We Go Again!

SOS!! The Dancing Queens of Cascia's cast of "Mamma Mia!" have super trouped their way on the Rita Rambler and oh honey, honey is it spectacular! "Take A Chance On Me", says sophomore actress Audrey Armstrong, and give this episode a listen! "Lay All Your Love On Me", says freshman actress Bella Doering, and catch up on how our performances went!

Ep. 10 - Take Me Out to the Ball Game

We really hit a home run with this episode! Step up to the plate and play ball with the Rita Rambler team and special boys baseball guests Head Coach, Dean Wilson, and senior center fielder/pitcher, Zane Nolan.

Ep. 9 - Lights, Camera, Action!

In this episode, we lift the curtain and turn the lights onto the Fine Arts program at Cascia Hall. Upper School Choral Director and Fine Arts Department Chair, Candy Coonfield takes us behind the scenes of recent and upcoming events in the music and theatre department and we take the stage with junior Gracie Kinnaman as we learn about all of her creative achievements and artistic endeavors as a Cascia Hall student.

Ep. 8 - Minimester Podcast Surprise!

On this special episode, we sneak the Rita Rambler crew into Mrs. Kennedy’s classroom for her minimester podcast class and surprise the students with a live recording! The hosts share their stories about creating the Rita Rambler and answer questions from students about all things podcasting. This was such a fun experience for all and is a MUST LISTEN episode!