Go for Catholic Schools

We are excited to support GO for Catholic Schools – Cascia Hall, a program to benefit the entire Catholic community through our schools.

GO for Catholic Schools…
  • Cultivates every student’s potential and puts them on the path for success.
  • Empowers families to afford the Catholic education they always dreamed of.
  • Preserves the Augustinian tradition in our community.
  • Allows Oklahoma taxpayers to earn valuable tax credits.
You already pay state taxes to support schools. Now, you can direct your tax dollars to YOUR Catholic community! With GO for Catholic Schools, you can transform your state income tax dollars into need-based financial assistance for deserving students. You’ll help make Catholic education more accessible for families, enhance the quality of education for students, plus get a tax credit, which saves you more than a tax deduction.

We invite you to explore our new website to learn more. When you are ready to transform your state income tax dollars into tuition support for students to attend Cascia Hall, click the CONTRIBUTE NOW button from the GO for Catholic Schools website. First, create your GO Contributor Account. Then, follow the guided process to make your contribution.

With your support, we can make a Cascia Hall education more accessible and serve the needs and aspirations of the entire Catholic community!