Commando Sports Competition is an important aspect of the Cascia Hall experience, and winning teams are a significant part of the school’s tradition.

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  • CH Athletic Program

    The athletic program is an integral part of the school’s total education program. The athletic program at Cascia Hall strives to instill the desire and discipline to compete, along with the organizational skills needed to maintain academic success as well as athletic involvement.

    The level of participation for each student is arranged according to grade and ability. The Upper School varsity program emphasizes successful competition based on a solid foundation of commitment. The purpose of the sub-varsity and Middle School programs is to teach commitment and develop other skills of the individual athlete.

    The mission of the athletic department is to develop perseverance, sportsmanship, endurance, strength, coordination, self-confidence and teamwork, as well as to create a winning attitude and an appreciation of recreational habits that will last a lifetime.
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