Homecoming Week

Homecoming Spirit Dress Themes:
  • Monday: Drip: The term "drip" refers to someone who has a great sense of style. Dress in what makes you feel swag. Your style could be completely different from your friends. Don't be afraid to be creative and step outside the box!
  • Tuesday: Generations: Students have the choice between dressing as a senior citizen, a baby, a toddler, or a teenager.
  • WednesdayUS& MS House colors for field day.
  • Thursday: City vs. Country: City attire could include tennis skirts/khakis, pearls, preppy clothes, etc. Country attire could include flannels, jeans, straw hats, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, leather, cow print, etc.
  • Friday: Spirit Dress: Homecoming t-shirts, other spirit dress, especially in navy.