The goals of Cascia Hall are to assist students in:

  • Realizing that union with God is the ultimate reason for being
  • Accepting God as the ultimate goal for all love and the ultimate ground of truth      
  • Organizing a Catholic Christian value system for further development in adult life
  • Forming and experiencing Christian community
  • Learning to think critically
  • Developing the ability to move from sense data to abstraction
  • Mastering the knowledge and skills necessary to perform well at the university level
  • Developing skills for lifelong learning
Cascia Hall is a Roman Catholic, co-educational, college preparatory school for grades six through twelve, and is owned and operated by the Augustinian Order. Therefore, the life and philosophy of St. Augustine of Hippo are the foundation of Cascia Hall’s approach to education.

Since men and women are created in the image of God, Cascia Hall wishes to foster a respect for the talents, abilities, sincere beliefs, wholesome visions, and goals of all persons.

The pursuit of truth is one of the principal purposes of the school. Students begin their search for truth by moving from sense data through various levels of abstraction toward the ultimate Truth, God. They are united with their teachers in this common task to know, understand, and appreciate truth.

Cascia Hall considers the liberal arts as primary vehicles for the kind of understanding fundamental to Augustinian schools. The curriculum is structured in a logical sequence so as to best prepare the student for college and thereafter for a lifetime of learning.
Cascia Hall teachers are encouraged to see themselves as not only imparting information and ideas but also as profoundly respecting their students. This respect is often expressed by the teacher’s patiently waiting for students to compare new information with their own inner dictates of truth. Expanding new understanding then allows the student to embrace new ideas enthusiastically.

Classrooms or academic learning is not the only concern of the school’s education. Learning which takes place in social settings, on the athletic fields, during religious exercises, and through social service is all part of the student’s complete education. These various learning situations foster interpersonal relationships, community building, a sense of teamwork, and a commitment to others; at the same time, these situations lead students to a realization of their responsibilities as citizens.

Of great importance at Cascia Hall is nurturing and building a bond of love which sustains the Cascia family. For it is within this caring family and through loving relationships that students are drawn to a close union with the ultimate love, God.