Science Research Team Shines at State Fair

Congratulations to ALL the Cascia Hall State Science fair winners and participants! Check out all these awards. Way to go Team!
  • Braden Milford-2nd Place overall and presenting research in an oral presentation at national competition held in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Ashlyn Milford- Outstanding Freshman Award
Qualified to Compete at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Arizona:
  • Braden Milford (qualified from regional)
  • Jackson Pool
  • Zach Uhren
  • Jaxon Henderson
  • Caitlin Nguyen
  • Sophie Pazzo
  • Olivia Nalley
1st Place:
  • Animal Science: Luke Wilson
  • Environmental Science: Braden Milford
  • Chemistry: Jackson Pool/Jaxon Henderson, Zach Uhren (Team)
  • Microbiology and Biochemistry: Caitlin Nguyen/Sophie Pazzo (Team)
  • Physics and Astronomy: Olivia Nalley
  • Junior Medical and Health Sciences: Ashlyn Milford
  • Junior Microbiology and Biochemistry: Labrini Panagopolous
2nd Place: 
  • Animal Science: Quinnlan Murray
  • Medical and Health Science: Caroline Graves
  • Social and Behavioral Science: Joseph Barbour
3rd Place:
  • Computer Sciences and Mathematics: Jason Alfrey
  • Junior Microbiology and Biochemistry: Bella Smith
Special Awards: 
  • Braden Milford and Luke Wilson were selected to attend the American Junior Academy of Sciences meeting in Seattle, Washington and will have their work officially published.
  • Braden Milford- Ricoh Sustainability Award, Aquatic Biology Award
  • Joseph Barbour- American Psychological Association Award
  • Ashlyn Milford and Mrs. Fenska- OSTA Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Bella Smith- Outstanding Microbiology Project Award
  • Caitlin Nguyen and Sophie Pazzo: Outstanding LabTech Medical Project Award
  • Olivia Nalley: OSU Scholarship, NASA Award
  • Jason Alfrey: OSU Scholarship, Theta Mu Alpha Award