While in Spain, Jaclyn '04 was able to meet with her sister, Julia '11, in Bilbao.

Metcalf Summer Studies in Spain

Cascia Hall Spanish teacher Jaclyn Metcalf spent three weeks completing a course at the University of Salamanca (which turned 800 last year)! 
Her classes focused on the evolution of the Spanish language from Pre-Roman civilizations to current day Spanish, sociological/geographical variations of Spanish within Spain and all of Latin America, and the methodologies of teaching Spanish as a heritage language and as a second language. 

“In addition to the inconceivable amount of information I have gained in the classroom, I have also had the irreplaceable opportunity to experience the culture, the people, and the customs of Salamanca, which has a rich history,” commented Jaclyn.  “From cultural tours of the cathedrals, palaces, convents, and university to flamenco shows, theater productions, and concerts, I have had a wide range of exposure.” She was also able to spend time with inspirational colleagues who teach Spanish all over the US and internationally.  This is a network she considers to be an invaluable and continuing source of inspiration, encouragement, and resources long into the future. While in Spain, Jaclyn '04 was able to meet with her sister, Julia '11, in Bilbao..