Freshman Mentors, Mixer, and New Student Orientation

Dear Freshman Parents:

We would like to welcome all our new Commandos to the Cascia community!  

This summer we have been working hard to ensure your child has a smooth transition into the CH Upper School.  To help in the process, the mentors of CAMP (Cascia Augustinian Mentor Program) are ready to guide their new classmates along.  Each student has been placed in a group with other freshmen with two upperclassmen as their leaders. The mentors have been given your child’s cell phone number so they can connect with each other.
The mentors will be organizing a “get-together” sometime before August 8, the day of the Freshman Mixer.  The mentors will also attend the Freshman Mixer and New Student Orientation on August 13. We encourage the freshmen to lean on their mentors for any questions regarding school, activities, schedules, etc. – basically, they are their go-to-person!  Our mentors are ready and willing to answer all questions! If your child has not been contacted, please email me at
On Thursday, August 8, we have a fun-filled day planned.  Please drop your child at the Upper School gym lobby at 9:00 am.  The mentors have games and activities planned to help us get to know each other.  We will load the CH bus at 10:45 am to go to Main Event. Please make sure you have completed your child’s emergency form (online at myCascia) so we are able to take your child off-campus.  Students will receive a bracelet for All-You-Can-Play activities (bowling, laser tag, gravity ropes, billiards, and shuffleboard).  Lunch will also be provided - two slices of pizza and a medium drink. Students can bring extra money for arcade games and any additional food/drinks.  We will load the bus at 2:00 pm to return to Cascia. Please pick up your child at Cascia Hall by 2:30 pm at the Upper School gym lobby.

On Tuesday, August 13, we will start the New Student Orientation day in St. Rita of Cascia Chapel at 8:00 am, just like we do every day in the Upper School. Appropriate dress for this day is required--no tank tops and shorts should be an appropriate length. From there, we will tour the building, give out temporary swipe cards, and practice locker combinations. Students will also have the opportunity to do a practice run with their schedule so they will know where all their classrooms are for the first day of school. We will end our day in the Chapel for a Commitment Ceremony from 10:15 - 10:45 am. Parents are welcome to attend the ceremony.  Everyone is dismissed when the ceremony is finished. 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!
Mari Schloss
Upper School Guidance Counselor