Tulsa '20s Tour

Mr. Danny Hightower’s Sophomore US History class has been studying the 1920s, which lent itself very well to a field trip--the Tulsa '20s Tour. 
On Wednesday morning, they received a guided tour of the restored Mayo Hotel which was built in the mid-’20s. At the Mayo, they checked out the archives and rooftop view and heard stories of famous people who had stayed there (Elvis, JFK, Lindberg, Will Rogers, etc.). While appreciating the Art Deco architecture of the Philcade and Philtower buildings, they were treated to hot chocolate by Chip Gaberino ‘93 at the Topeka Coffee shop. They enjoyed the artifacts at the Tulsa Historical Society before checking out the Blue Dome District, Historical Greenwood Cultural Area (Black Wall Street) and the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park. Then the Mother Road (Route 66) led them to the famous Meadow Gold sign on 11th Street and a unique dining experience at the Mother Road Market. “Tulsa was booming in the 1920s which makes it a fantastic place for studying the history of that time,” said Mr. Hightower.