Guillory Award Recipient at Vocal Contest

Congratulations to Cascia junior Travis Guillory who competed at the Schmidt Vocal Competition in Waco, Texas this past weekend.  This prestigious vocal competition is only held at a few select locations across the United States. 
Along with being one of the award recipients, Travis was able to directly interact with the prestigious panel of judges who offered very encouraging critiques of his performance.  This competition marks the official beginning of a two-year elite competition and audition journey for Travis.  While continuing his academics at Cascia, Travis will also be working with teacher Candy Coonfield to prepare for numerous competitions and auditions as he works toward his college and career goals in vocal performance. 

Several professionals and educators expressed interest in Travis's vocal future after hearing him sing this weekend, including representatives from the Schmidt Summer Vocal Institute, the Tanglewood Institute, and the University of Houston. Travis's next competition will take place the first weekend in November.