Jaxon Henderson, Zach Uhren, and Jackson Pool Peyton Carter Olivia Nalley Ashlyn Milford

Cascia Hall Research Team Competes at Tulsa Regional Science Fair.

The Cascia Hall Science Research Team was very excited to compete at the new Tulsa Regional Science Fair on Friday, February 14. Over 85 projects competed in the Senior and Junior Divisions.
Seniors Jackson Pool, Jaxon Henderson, and Zach Uhren received Top Honors at the fair in Life Sciences with Junior Peyton Carter receiving Top Honors in Environmental Sciences. Both of these projects were selected to attend the International Science and Engineering Fair in May. Additionally, Ashlyn Milford was selected 1st alternate and Olivia Nalley was selected 2nd alternate for the international event. Category Awards and Special Awards are as follows: (* indicates the project was selected for the State Fair in March.)

Chemistry and Life Sciences Category
1st place - Jackson Pool, Jaxon Henderson, and Zach Uhren*
2nd place - Sophie Pazzo and Caitlin Nguyen
3rd place - JJ Peters and Steven Stagg

Environmental Sciences
1st place - Peyton Carter*
2nd place - Luke Wilson*
3rd place - Ian Wilson*

Medicine and Health and Behavioral Sciences
1st place - Ashlyn Milford*
2nd place - Quinnlan Murray*
3rd place - Labrini Panagopoulos*

Earth Science and Mathematics
1st place - Olivia Nalley*
3rd place - Ellie Cooper*

Junior Division
Environmental Sciences
2nd place - Josh Glasgow

Special Awards

Caitlin Nguyen and Sophie Pazzo
• NSU Chemical Society Award - Olivia Nalley
• Best Presentation
• Women Geoscience Award

Jackson Pool, Jaxon Henderson, Zach Uhren
• Materials Science Award
• Best Application in Research Award
• Creative Design Award
• Yale Science Research Award

Ashlyn Milford
• US Air Force Award

Ian Wilson
• RICOH Award

Erin Coulon
• Invitro Biology Award

Peyton Carter
• Metric Society Award
• EPA Award
• NOAA Award

Ellie Cooper
• NASA Award