Green Team Assembly

The Cascia Hall Green Team, led by Sophie Pazzo, Quinnlan Murray, Lydia Bodi, and Ellie Armstrong, gave a presentation to the entire school, faculty, and staff last Friday. Green Team is Cascia’s club for student-led activism surrounding environmental issues, with goals to inspire, educate, and promote change within Cascia.
The Green Team presented a few current environmental issues that are affecting our Planet such as rising CO2 levels, thermal expansion, and rising sea-levels. In order to inspire change, we must know why changing our habits is important. We want to have a livable planet for future generations, but the pace at which we are using our resources will not allow for us to have one.
            Next, the Green Team showed Cascia’s most common bad recycling habits, where resources are most overused in the school, and offered environmentally-friendly alternatives to these habits. For example, the dining hall is the biggest source of resource consumption at Cascia. Students were educated on what can and cannot be recycled in the dining hall, the importance of getting practical food portions to limit food waste, and the possibility of bringing metal utensils to lunch instead of using plastic ones. Cascia generates a lot of waste but, by exposing bad habits and offering healthy solutions, we can call build a healthier and ecologically friendly community!
By always keeping in mind the Core Values of Truth, Unity, and Love, we simply can no longer overlook the large ecological footprint we as a community leave. It is our responsibility to better understand the implications of our actions and do what is necessary to create the needed change. In the future, the Green Team hopes to put on different events throughout the year to celebrate and inspire green habits!