State Science Fair Awards for Cascia Hall

Fifteen Cascia Hall students competed in the State Science Fair, and all 15 brought home an award. In the Category Awards, there were  four 1st Place wins, four 2nd Place wins, and three 3rd Place wins.
Nine students received Special Awards. Two teams were nominated for the Stockholm Junior Water Prize national competition, and one additional student qualified for the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) to be held in May; at the Regional Science Fair in February, four Cascia students qualified to present at ISEF.

Olivia Nalley was named a 2020 ISEF Finalist
Luke Wilson, JJ Peters, and Steven Stagg received a Stockholm Junior Water Prize Nomination.
Category Awards
3rd Place Environmental Science - Ian Wilson
3rd Place Microbiology and Biochemistry - Labrini Panagopoulos
3rd Place Behavioral and Social Sciences - Quinnlan Murray
2nd Place Animal Sciences - Luke Wilson
2nd Place Chemistry - Jackson Pool, Zach Uhren, and Jaxon Henderson*
2nd Place Mathematics - Ellie Cooper
2nd Place Medicine and Health - Ashlyn Milford
1st Place Earth and Atmospheric Sciences - Olivia Nalley
1st Place Microbiology and Biochemistry - Sophie Pazzo and Caitlin Nguygen
1st Place Plant Sciences - JJ Peters and Steven Stagg
1st Place Environmental Sciences - Peyton Carter*
Special Awards

Quinnlan Murray
  • American Psychological Society Award
Peyton Carter
  • Womens’ Geosciences Award
  • EPA Award
  • Boone Pickens Sustainability Award
Luke Wilson
  • Stockholm Junior Water Prize Nomination
  • EPA award
  • NASA Award
  • OESE in Science Education Award
Jackson Pool, Jaxon Henderson Zach Uhren
  • ACS Chemical Society Award
JJ Peters, Steven Stagg
  • Stockholm Junior Water Prize nomination
  • EPA Award
Ian Wilson
  • National Oceanic Atmospheric Sustainability Award
  • EPA Award

*Qualified at Regional competition to present at ISEF.