Finals Week Fun

Here are five easy and fun ways to relieve final exam stress.

Finals week begins today, and we have a few tips to help relieve a little stress! As long as you are prepared and are trying your best, you will do fine. Stay focused and know that another semester is almost over! You can do it! Good luck to all our brilliant Cascia Hall students!
5. Watch a cute video of babies and animals.

4. Listen to this feel-good song: “Don’t Worry Be Happy”

3. Give your BFF, or whoever else can make you laugh, a quick phone call. It’s a simple and pleasant distraction - just don’t chat for too long!

2. Remember to keep trying! So well said in this video: Don’t Stop, Don’t Give Up

1. Get moving! Stand up, take a quick break, stretch, run up and down the nearest stairs you can find or walk a couple of laps in the room wherever you are studying to ease muscle tension you get from sitting hunched over your computer.