Student Publications

Finding a Voice
Schools often attempt to give a voice to its students, and Cascia Hall certainly goes above and beyond the typical expectations by providing its students with, not only a voice, but the authority and resources to command it with authenticity and insight through their student-led publications, most notably Literary Magazine and The Cascian.

The Cascian
is consistently one of the most popular publications at Cascia Hall, and the students always anticipate its release every six weeks. In fact, what makes The Cascian so popular is that it is a publication written for the students, made by the students, and aims to involve both the students and teachers, which helps to promote a sense of community among the faculty and student body.

The Cascian editors this year have exhibited time after time their passion and creativity in wanting a particular style for the publication and determining how to make it happen and putting all of that effort into making this the best year for The Cascian in the past 4 years. Such an accomplishment says a lot for a publication that has been produced for 90 years. What many students and faculty members have commented on is how the publication has evolved to reflect the students’ personalities and voices while maintaining a sense of propriety and decorum. Most notably, the wide-array of students interviewed and featured in the publication has expanded. Recently, the editors have consciously taken an initiative to broaden the content and include as many students from as many different cliques and classes as possible. By doing this, The Cascian has started to transform to make itself inclusive and accessible to all. In fact, Cascia Hall’s publication, Literary Magazine has followed suit.

Literary Magazine traditionally has released two publications a year - one in the fall and one in the spring - and in recent years, the magazine has produced some of its largest volumes. Although Literary Magazine shares the student-generated and student-led approach of The Cascian, the issues focusing on highlight student artistic expressions in the forms of writing, drawing, photography, and every other creative outlet in between, and instead of being an offered course, Literary Magazine is an extracurricular activity that relies on the dedication of the students and their time to advertise, compile, edit, and complete the work.

Literary Magazine Fall 2017

Literary Magazine Spring 2018